CAMRAS Artemis tracking data

This page contains data of the Dwingeloo Telescope. These data are distributed under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

Doppler graph

Variants of this plot (insert something like _20221127 before .txt in the url to see data for a specific day, append &noquad to omit the QPSK data):

Data for this graph:

Doppler messages in NASA CCSDS-TDM format

The messages for NASA are available here.

Frequency measurements

CAMRAS_Orion_20221126_v1.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221207_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221207.txt (view in graph)
residuals.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221119.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221119.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221121.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221123.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221125.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221205.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221130.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221125.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221210_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221123_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221207.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221130.txt (view in graph)
doppler.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221209.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221210.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221208.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221207.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221208_v1.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221122.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221206.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221129.txt (view in graph)
residuals_offset22_20221128.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221126.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221203.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221206_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221208.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221125.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221123.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221122.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221116.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221125.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221208.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221209.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221209.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221127.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221210.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221205.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221203.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221202.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221204.txt (view in graph)
flagged_offset22_20221128.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221121.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221128.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221129.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221124_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221122.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221208_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221127.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221204.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221201.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221121.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221204.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221208.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221206.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221210.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221129.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221203.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221129.txt (view in graph)
flagged.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221120.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221125.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221203.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221204.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221125.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221210.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221202.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221120.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221118.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221205.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221126.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221202.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221205_v1.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221206_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221130.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221206.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221202.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221118.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221203.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221125_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221130.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221118.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221116.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221204.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221205.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221118.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221128_v1.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221201.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221118_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221125.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221204.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221209.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221119.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221119.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221121_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221206.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221203.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221125.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221205.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221209.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221210_v1.txt (view in graph)
tle0.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221129.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221207.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221116.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_offset22_20221128.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221209_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221116.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221128.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221210.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221126.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221130.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221208.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221201.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221129.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221122.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221205.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221126.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221128.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221124.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221120.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221125.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221209_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221210.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221210.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221208.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221209.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221126.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221121.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221206.txt (view in graph)
unflagged.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221119_v1.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221119.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221116.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221120.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221206.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221119.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221116.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221130.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221204.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221119.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221124.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221123.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221206.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221130.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221209.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221124_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
tle1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221128.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221210.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221123.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221122_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221119.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221127.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221207.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221117.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221130.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221118.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221128.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221129.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221205.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221122.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221204_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221208.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221126.txt (view in graph)
tle2.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221205.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221209.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221204_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221121.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221124.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221202.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221202.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221127.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221127.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221207.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221128.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221123.txt (view in graph)
eph_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221121.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221119.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221127.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221129.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221210.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221122.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221127.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221211.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221122_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221201.txt (view in graph)
eph_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221127_v1.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221209.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221119.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221130.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221130_quad_v2.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221210.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221204.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221129.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221208.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221118.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221209.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221204.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221205_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221206.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221203_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221205.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221125.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221203.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221117.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221208.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221205.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221207.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221122.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221117.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221116.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221123.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221202.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221209.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221207.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221122.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221117.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221130_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221120.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221202_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221126.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221122.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221127.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221130.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221208.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221120.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221124.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221207.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221128.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221201_quad_v2.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221126.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221126.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221117.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221127.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221127.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221203.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221120.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221202.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221122_quad_v2.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221203.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221128.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221207_v1.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221129_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221123.txt (view in graph)
horizons_log.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221208.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221207.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221128.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221119.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221201_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221121.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221121_quad_v1.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221204.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221127.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221124.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221121.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221210.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_offset22_20221128.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221128.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221121.txt (view in graph)
eph.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221202.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221201.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221125.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221206.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221124.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221126.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221120_v1.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221120.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221121.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221122.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221205.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221120.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221202.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_20221129.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221117_v1.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
CAMRAS_Orion_20221116_v1.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221201.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221129.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_20221203.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221206.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221117.txt (view in graph)
eph_20221204.txt (view in graph)
residuals_20221130.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221122.txt (view in graph)
doppler_20221120.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221207.txt (view in graph)
residuals_quad_20221126.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221203.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221206.txt (view in graph)
flagged_quad_20221124.txt (view in graph)
doppler_quad_20221120.txt (view in graph)
flagged_20221202.txt (view in graph)
unflaggedresiduals_quad_20221128.txt (view in graph)
unflagged_quad_20221121.txt (view in graph)

Raw Doppler data (contain duplicates and many false detections): 2022-11-16 / 2022-11-17 / 2022-11-18 / 2022-11-19 / 2022-11-19 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-20 / 2022-11-20 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-21 / 2022-11-21 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-22 / 2022-11-22 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-23 / 2022-11-23 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-24 / 2022-11-24 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-25 / 2022-11-25 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-26 / 2022-11-26 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-27 / 2022-11-27 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-28 / 2022-11-28 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-29 / 2022-11-29 (OQPSK) / 2022-11-30 / 2022-11-30 (OQPSK) / 2022-12-01 / 2022-12-01 (OQPSK) / 2022-12-02 / 2022-12-02 (OQPSK) / 2022-12-03 / 2022-12-03 (OQPSK) / 2022-12-04 / 2022-12-04 (OQPSK) / 2022-12-05 / 2022-12-05 (OQPSK) 2022-12-06 / 2022-12-06 (OQPSK)

Raw IQ data

This is a selection of IQ recordings. In total, 200GB of IQ recordings were made. A full list of recordings is here. The spectra of all SigMF-recordings are here. Let us know if you want a specific one (we cannot put all of them here simultaneously).

Filename Description Frequency Size
camras-2022_11_30_19_18_07_2216.500MHz_5.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 1.1 GB
camras-2022_11_30_19_39_43_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I, higher data rate? 2216.5 MHz 458 MB
camras-2022_11_30_18_07_48_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 458 MB
camras-2022_12_05_16_34_01_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I Return Powered Flyby 2216.5 MHz 10.0 GB
camras-2022_11_21_12_24_55_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I going behind the Moon 2216.5 MHz 2.2 GB
small.sigmf-meta data Artemis I DRO departure burn 2216.5 MHz 4.8 MB
camras-2022_12_08_15_46_46_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 172 MB
camras-2022_12_02_20_43_09_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 229 MB
camras-2022_11_17_08_56_06_2216.000MHz_10.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, PI9CAM 2216 MHz 4.5 GB
camras-2022_11_18_10_01_57_2216.000MHz_10.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216 MHz 381 MB
camras-2022_11_30_19_17_04_2216.500MHz_5.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 1.1 GB
camras-2022_11_19_10_07_16_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 76.3 MB
camras-2022_11_17_11_50_43_2216.000MHz_10.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, PI9CAM 2216 MHz 4.5 GB
camras-2022_11_19_10_07_43_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 458 MB
camras-2022_12_01_21_42_38_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I DRO departure burn 2216.5 MHz 13.4 GB
camras-2022_12_08_16_37_42_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 172 MB
camras-2022_11_21_12_57_27_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I appearing from behind the Moon 2216.5 MHz 2.2 GB
camras-2022_12_04_16_02_32_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 515 MB
camras-2022_12_04_15_45_45_2216.500MHz_4.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 458 MB
camras-2022_11_23_10_16_32_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 233 MB
camras-2022_12_02_22_09_40_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I, 1 Hz jump? 2216.5 MHz 229 MB
camras-2022_11_30_18_13_11_2216.500MHz_2.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 458 MB
camras-2022_11_18_10_00_10_2216.000MHz_10.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, PI9CAM 2216 MHz 381 MB
camras-2022_12_05_17_10_01_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I appear from behind Moon 2216.5 MHz 5.0 GB
camras-2022_11_30_19_19_10_2216.500MHz_5.0Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 1.1 GB
camras-2022_12_10_21_01_30_2216.500MHz_4.5Msps_ci16_le.sigmf-meta data Artemis I 2216.5 MHz 172 MB