SETI at CAMRAS test data

This page contains SETI at CAMRAS data observed with the Dwingeloo Telescope.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. When re-using the data, please include a link to CAMRAS and this page.

More information on SETI at CAMRAS is available on CAMRAS gitlab server

SETI Long Stare

Initial long stare to measure gain variation and RFI when Dwingeloo Radio Telescope is pointed at either North Celestial Pole (NCP) or the so-called "show position" (30,30 AltAz). The data serie consist of:

SETI long Stare

SETI long Stare Sofar

SETI long Stare without antenna

SETI DT temperature

DT Temperature

The data serie consist of:

Dwingeloo Temperature